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The North Lost the Senior Bowl Because They Only Asked Riley Dixon to Punt

It's pretty clear how this outcome occurred.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl was held yesterday in Mobile, Ala. and as you were already well aware, former Syracuse Orange punter Riley Dixon was a member of the North team. After his Heisman campaign fell just short during the regular season, he spent last week's practices winning over pro scouts who swooned over his various feats of strength.

Unfortunately, that didn't equate to a win for the North, as they lost to the South team, 27-16. Dixon played well, with four punts going an average of 40.5 yards, including a long of 48.

But the bigger problem is that they ONLY had him punt.

Considering the North only accumulated 220 yards through the air on a 58-percent completion rate, wouldn't it have made more sense to give the ball to Dixon and his career 100 PERCENT completion percentage? Seems like a no-brainer to call a play for a guy who's never thrown an incomplete pass and half of his throws have been for touchdowns...

Now, I've never coached a down of football in my life, so far be it for me to questions guys who have done it for --

Oh? The Dallas Cowboys staff coached the North team? Nevermind, then. They couldn't have won that game even if Dixon took every snap. After all, the last time Dallas participated in a Bowl of any sort, Riley was only two years old.