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Syracuse Basketball: Jim Boeheim Calls ACC Scheduling "Horrific"

Syracuse plays Georgia Tech on Saturday after playing Notre Dame on Thursday night.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse plays host to Georgia Tech at noon Saturday — a game that will tip off only 39 hours after the Orange's 81-66 win against Notre Dame on Thursday ended.

Given that quick turnaround, SU head coach Jim Boeheim said Thursday that the ACC schedule this season is "horrific."

"It's pretty obvious," he said. "Everybody knows that. I don't know why we're playing Thursday. We could've played Wednesday. I don't know. It just doesn't make sense.''

After Syracuse plays Georgia Tech, it will get only two days off before it hosts Virginia Tech on Tuesday night. That means the Orange will have played three games in five days.

After SU plays Virginia Tech on Feb. 2, it doesn't play again until Feb. 11, when it hosts Florida State.

"It's just stupid," Boeheim said. "That's all it is. And it's really scary when the people who are doing these things don't see that. That's what's scary. Really, really scary.''

It wasn't the first time Boeheim has been critical of the ACC's scheduling. In 2014, Syracuse played at Duke on a Saturday in February before playing at Maryland the following Monday. Boeheim wasn't happy because, unlike SU, the Terrapins had that Saturday off — giving them extra time to prepare for their game with the Orange.

"I guess they do those things down here," he said at the time. "We didn't used to do that (in the Big East)."

Likely to Boeheim's frustration, Syracuse will play two games in three days again this season. The Orange host NC State on Feb. 27 before playing at North Carolina on Feb. 29.