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Syracuse Still Trying To Figure Out What To Do With The Carrier Dome

Chancellor Syverud briefly updated the SU community about the status of the Carrier Dome.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while since we've heard any updates on the future of the Carrier Dome, whether or not that means renovations and how much all of it is gonna cost. SU surveyed fans to see what they wanted but ultimately it's a decision for the Board of Trustees, who kicked the can a bit after their last meeting in September. Rumors have run rampant about what will happen, with most people agreeing that a new roof will be a big part of renovations.

Chancellor Syverud touched on the issue briefly in his big SU 2016 initiative update, relaying the reason so little has been announced.

Regarding the campus framework, the most common question I get about the campus framework, is when are we going to see the whole thing?

...And finally it includes, what’s the reason for some delay, which is figuring out what to do about the Dome.

I’ve received lots of questions about it, and there’s lots of great work that has been done by the committee, by Sasaki working with the committee, and by various offices on campus. We are continuing to talk with the Board of Trustees about what to roll out and when, including a planned meeting next week.

I do expect—that with Board approval—we’ll start rolling out much more detailed communication about the Campus Framework this semester and hopefully that happens sooner rather than later in the semester.

We know that the roof is scheduled to be replaced by 2024, which would be 25 years since the last update (1999). Whether or not the Dome will get an updated version of the soft roof or finally get a hard roof (retractable?) is what we expect to know soon. And of course expect to hear about updates and renovations to what's inside the building as well.