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Syracuse vs. Virginia: My Moment of Truth

If the Orange lose, it'll be because I came back from vacation.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I took off for a short trip to New York City for HIGH LEVEL VOX MEDIA BUSINESS as well as a visit with the family. When I left on Wednesday, the Syracuse Orange basketball program was 10-7, mired in a four-game losing streak and looking about as far from being an NCAA Tournament team as any Syracuse basketball team I've ever seen.

By the time I got back to Seattle on Monday, the Syracuse basketball program was 13-7 with three-consecutive wins, two of which were absolute blowouts, one of which was a win over Duke AT Cameron Indoor Stadium, and the team looked like it could play its way back into tournament contention in spite of everything that went down in December.

Apparently I was the problem all along.

And so, I face a moral dilemma. When the Orange take on the Virginia Cavaliers on Sunday, my standing in the SU community is on the line. If they win, I can rest easy in knowing my location and/or the amount of focus I put on Syracuse basketball games is not directly affecting the outcome.

But if they lose...uh-oh.

Fact is, Syracuse won a National Title before TNIAAM. Since TNIAAM started? No National Championships.

I didn't see it. I suppose I chose not to. The truth is too painful.

Go Orange...but I'm packing my bags just in case...