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Siri Doesn't Know Her Business in #TeamBear vs. #TeamDeer Debate

#TeamBear won the war but the battle rages on.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

We put the debate to bed a long time ago so if you need a reminder, we're glad to remind you that #TeamBear came out on top over #TeamDeer in our scientific debate over the pronunciation of the word "Syracuse."

That hasn't stopped those #TeamDeer monsters from propagating their slander in the weeks since and they've found a new ally in the fight: Siri. Or at least the voice of Siri.

Voiceover artist Susan Bennett is originally from nearby Oneida County so she has some skin in this game. Unfortunately, she's doubled-down on the wrong side.

"Oh, absolutely Syracuse," Bennett said, clearly joining Team Deer.

"I've never heard Saracuse. No. Siri would say that that is just wrong," she added, laughing.

We suppose if she wants a #TeamDeer t-shirt, we're happy to send it her way. It's a shame knowing that this would-be source of all the information that is correct and good would stand her ground on an issue so inherently wrong, but, nothing's perfect. Not even Siri.