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A Guide to the College Football Recruiting Sleepover

Jim Harbaugh's taking recruiting visits to a different level, so what happens if other coaches follow his lead? Let's take a look..

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Michigan Wolverines HC Jim Harbaugh has certainly shown he's willing to do a lot to convince recruits to come to Ann Arbor, including his newest favorite- sleeping over at their homes on visits.

This got us to thinking about what some other CFB coaches would do on a recruiting sleep-over. So imagine you are a recruit...close your eyes and imagine. Well since he's here, we'll start with new Syracuse Orange HC Dino Babers:

Noted movie buff Babers is clearly bringing a selection of films to review with you and your family. You might expect some film from Bowling Green Falcons or even the Baylor Bears, but these are movies that you won't find on Netflix. You are surprised what looks to be a younger version of the guy from  Dirty Grandpa,  but your parents and Babers keep telling you he's pretty good.

Nick Saban-Alabama Crimson Tide

Saban's coming to your house with at least 10 other people because that's how Alabama Football does it....unfortunately with all these people, Saban forgot that he left Lane Kiffin in the car. After staring at all those championship rings, your parents don't seem to mind when Nick takes their room and they sleep on that pull-out in the basement.

Dabo Swinney- Clemson Tigers

Dabo's got his Bible and his toothbrush, but not much else. His reason- well he just needs room to bring home some of Mom's trademark dessert to share with his family. Your Mom's really flattered to hear that, but your Dad doesn't trust anyone who thinks your Mom is a good cook. Things got really awkward when the visit turned into a dance party

Les Miles- LSU Tigers

Les walks in your front door, greets your parents, and immediately pulls up a piece of carpet to taste. Your parents find it strange, but not as strange as his impromptu lecture on Columbus Day

James Franklin- Penn State Nittany Lions

Franklin's recruiting pitch keeps hitting snags when your younger brother and sister keep asking him if they can do Peele's parts of their favorite sketches. The 1st couple of times he laughs it off, but he decides to go to bed early when they repeatedly ask him to do his "Andre 3000 in Starbucks" lines

Will Muschamp-South Carolina Gamecocks

It was fine when Muschamp hooked up a TRX set-up in the dining room doorway, but when your Mom said she didn't have any protein powder in the pantry, things went off the rails. 

Needless to say you won't be taking your talents to South Carolina next Fall.

There are plenty of other coaches out there, so let's here what you have in the comments.