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Syracuse Basketball Holding Dress Like Jim Boeheim Night Versus Notre Dame

Oh this is gonna be good. Break out your ugliest jackets, biggest glasses and get your noses ready for picking. (Too far?)

While I may have gone off on the Syracuse Athletics marketing department in the past, there are moments when they totally earn their keep. This is going to be one of those games.

When the Syracuse Orange square off with former Big East/Current Kinda ACC foe Notre Dame, the fans are welcome to "Dress Like Coach Boeheim" for a game. The first 5,000 students in attendance will get "Jim Boeheim glasses" and there will be a contest for which student has the best Jim Boeheim look. The kicker? The contest will be judged by none other than Juli Boeheim with the winner receiving a free domestic flight from Delta.

This isn't the first time this promotion has been run. The Post Standard has pictures from the last time this promotion was run in 2006. In that article, Chris Carleson raises a good question: will Julie be partial to the old school Boeheim or the newer/technicolor dream coat Jim? Does sleeping Jim count? What about family man Jim? Natty Champ Jim?

C'mon SU students, don't let us down here.