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Wegmans Follows Syracuse Basketball's Lead, Intends to Dominate ACC Country

Duke fans may want to rethink their stance on Wegmans. It's about to take over North Carolina.

Dan Lyons

Syracuse Orange fans and Duke Blue Devils fans have a lot of reasons for animosity at this point. There was Jim Boeheim's epic jacket freakout. We just say the Orange top the Devils in Cameron Indoor Stadium followed by Coach K negging a bunch of Orange players in the handshake line. Not to mention that every game between the two programs feels like a major event.

But there's one crime that simply could not stand.

To paraphrase Jim're gonna call Wegmans overrated?...the most bullshit thing I've heard in thirty years.

Actually, the affront to Upstate New York food shopping was so horrific, Boeheim even took some time in his book to defend CNY's favorite shopping space.

The Cameron fans see me, and that riles them up. A few point to the signs in the arena, two of which have no effect on me:



I don’t have a personal computer and I don’t know who Nickelback is. People tell me I should be complimented for the latter.

As for the third sign -- WEGMANS IS OVERRATED -- it’s just plain wrong. Wegmans is the treasure in our little corner of the world, the best grocery store ever. So don’t start comparing Wegmans with Piggly Wiggly, because you’re going to lose that battle.

Apparently Wegmans decided that if North Carolina wants to bring the organically-farmed fight their way, they're going to bring the farm-fresh fight to them.

Wegmans Food Markets, an 88-store company that is ranked as one of the top supermarket chains in the country, is looking to open its first North Carolina store in Cary across the street from Cary Towne Center.

Wegmans, with locations in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts, boasts a "European open-air market feel" with a pharmacy, ready-made meals, a pizza shop, coffee shop and more. The company plans to open at least 13 more stores in the coming years, according to the Wegmans website.

Considering how far away most of the ACC corporate champions are from Syracuse, it's nice to see that even though they don't seem to be in a hurry to make their advertising dollars count in Onondaga County (you're throwing money away, Bojangles!), Wegmans is smart enough to handle their own business.

The New Yorkization of ACC Country marches on.