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Meet New TNIAAM Blog Mascot James Arthur

You're bummed about Syracuse basketball? Not anymore...


Syracuse Orange basketball's slow start has probably got you, John or Jane Q. 'Cuse fan down. What with the rare 11-7 start, bargaining with "bad" losses and discussions of inconsistency, there's a struggle to be positive about this season's outlook.

Lucky for you, I got a dog. And named him after your favorite basketball coach, Jim Boeheim.

Meet James Arthur!

James Basketball Resize

Just like the James Arthur Boeheim that you already know and love, this James Arthur also has a love for basketball. And sitting. And glaring at someone trying to take his picture. He's also a pro at the 2-3 zone already. Check out his defensive stance.

James Defense Resize

Also like the original James Arthur, he's a big fan of sleep.

James Sleep

But all that rest lets him be the coach (and dog) we all love. Boeheim's made a career of trolling the media for decades. James Arthur the dog seems perfectly content with smaller stakes. He's trolling me by assuming his spot is on the couch (it is not), and trolling the internet with looks like this one:

James Tongue

So after the next Syracuse loss -- and yes, it's coming at some point, whether we like it or not -- just think of this face instead. And maybe your rage, directed at Jim or the team or Hop or whoever, will eventually make you think of corgis instead. Or this one in particular, who will be making appearances on the blog directly related to how well Syracuse athletics is (or isn't) doing.

James Happy