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Previewing Syracuse vs. Boston College Basketball: Q&A With BC Interruption

Before Syracuse hosts Boston College tonight, Eagles basketball writer Arthur Bailin stops by TNIAAM for a Q&A.

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Looking for its first ACC win, Syracuse plays host to Boston College tonight inside the Carrier Dome. To learn more about the Eagles, Arthur Bailin from BC Interruption — SB Nation's Eagles blog — stopped by to answer a few questions.

Obviously this is a down year for Boston College, but is there any reason for optimism right now?

The thing that everyone needs to remember when evaluating this team is that this team was never supposed to be outwardly spectacular. BC is an incredibly young team that is still getting its feet under them. There are some bright spots. Jerome Robinson has looked fairly good. He and Eli Carter had some good chemistry early in the year. That chemistry isn't as obvious as it was in the beginning of the year, but Robinson certainly has put in a good body of work so far. He's going to be the face of the new guard for a little while. Tl;dr version: yeah there should be optimism, but there should also be some patience.

What player should Syracuse fans keep an eye on Wednesday night?

It is going to have to be Eli Carter. He's the Eagles' leading scorer, but he's also the Eagles' leading shot taker. The Eagles' successes are largely dependent on him having a good game. Eli Carter had a really awful game on Thursday against Notre Dame, and that was certainly reflected in the result. If Carter slips again, this game will get away from the Eagles. If Carter has a good game, we might have a ball game.

Even as the Eagles have struggled in recent years, they've had success in the Carrier Dome, winning in 2014 and playing the Orange pretty tough last season. Think there's any reason for that?

Hmmm. Good question. I will say, based on what I've seen from BC in the past couple of years, they usually have their good games whenever there is high energy in the arena, which the Carrier Dome crowds always have in spades. But yeah, it's just one of those things.

A.J. Turner was probably the best recruit Boston College signed in 2015, but he's seemed to struggle thus far, at least to an outsider like me. What's the overall feeling on him?

I'm surprised you have that opinion, because I thought Turner has been decent. Scoring-wise, he's dropped off in the past four games, but he also has had good scoring games against Penn State and Maine. He's still young so he's still getting his feet under him, but I don't think he's necessarily struggling.

Prediction time: What happens Wednesday night?

I honestly don't know what to expect, the good, the bad, or the ugly. I say... 60-50 Orange. #orangeeagle gets even further out of hand.


The Orange and Eagles will tip tonight at 7. For all things Boston College before then, head over to BC Interruption.