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What Should Syracuse Athletics Buy If It Wins The Powerball Jackpot?

Dare to dream, SU Athletics...

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know what legalities are involved with an entire athletic department of a private university purchasing lottery tickets for the sole purpose of funding their programs, but...........

Let's just say it's possible.

And let's just say SU wins the purported $1.4 billion jackpot on Wednesday.

What should they spend that money on?

Kevin Wall

Everyone is going to say build a new Dome, which is fine. However, Syracuse needs a new Athletic Complex with an arena for WBB, VB (and possibly Gymnastics and Wrestling), a new on-campus hockey arena, and a new indoor track facility. The upgrades in these areas will allow these sports to continue to grow, as well as providing the possibility of increased revenue from events.

Sean Keeley

Without getting into the logistics of them taking the lump sum payment (which ends up being a little more than 50% of that) or the ongoing payments in full, I would agree that while the idea of a brand new domed stadium sounds appealing, this would be an opportunity to set just about every Syracuse sports program up for success for the foreseeable future. You could build a "second Melo Center" for many of the other programs and throw in a multi-purpose arena for women's basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, etc. You could build a gorgeous outdoor multi-sport outdoor stadium for soccer, field hockey, softball, etc. There'd be plenty of money leftover to throw the men's basketball and football programs a bone but this would be the kind of windfall that helps make us more like that other SU - Stanford.

There's plenty of other options, of course. Just go ahead and build a new state-of-the-art stadium for SU football, basketball and lacrosse. Or hell, build a new one just for basketball and renovate the Dome for football & lacrosse. There aren't enough statues on SU's campus. We could always use more statues.

What would you do with all that money if you ran SU Athletics?