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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting: Orange Target Trevon Duval to Attend Prep School in Texas

Trevon Duval, the top-rated point guard in the class of 2017 and a priority for the Orange, has decided to move to the Lone Star state to work on his game. Being further from Central New York -- and nearer to other top basketball programs -- has people buzzing what this could mean for Syracuse.

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

The news largely went under the radar as most people were relaxing and partaking in libations, but basketball's top-rated point guard in the class of 2017, Trevon Duval, has decided to attend Advanced Prep International in Dallas, Texas. He played at New Jersy's St. Benedict's Prep in 2014-15.

"I wanted to go to a place that was high level with everything from the players to the staff," he told USA Today in a report Monday.

With the move, he will team up with Terrance Ferguson and Bill Preston, both top recruits as well, at the school. He also will be under coach Ray Forsett who has produced talents such as Isaiah Austin and Emmanuel Mudiay.

Duval is the No. 1 point guard prospect and No. 4 overall according to ESPN; he is a five star recruit according to

In's profile page of Duval, it lists offers from UCLA, Cal, and Arizona -- all notable west coast programs. He, of course, has an offer from the Syracuse Orange, too. The mere proximity to these schools will naturally make the recruiting process easier and potentially more attractive for Duval. Who knows, maybe even the Longhorns will creep into the conversation now...


In other words, this isn't promising for Syracuse. Before he was in the Orange's backyard, but now they would need to make quite the trip to recruit Duval to CNY.

There's still a lot of time though before he needs to decide so Syracuse certainly is not ruled out at this point. We'll share more as it comes out.