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Make Sure You're Following The Whole @NunesMagician Crew On Social Media

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As a new year begins we want to make sure you're connected to us and we're connected to you. We're in this together, like it or not.

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Hey kids, take a seat. I wanna rap to you about social media and it's place in this crazy futuristic cyberworld of ours.

The 2015-2016 academic year is underway and it's a good time to double check and make sure you're following all of the right social media accounts for NunesMagician folks.


Sean Keeley

John Cassillo

Dan Lyons

Michael Burke (FB, MBB)

Jim Simmons (MLAX)

James Szuba

Sean Farrell

Matt McClusky

Kevin Wall (XC, Track)

Brian Tahmosh

Jeremy Ryan (MBB)

Andy Pregler

Claudia Ceva (WSOC, WLAX)

Steve Haller (MSOC)

The Invisible Swordsman

Joe Leathersich

Nick Petraccione (Ice Hockey)

Lisa Nelson

NunesRecruiting (FB & BB Recruiting)



Sean Keeley

And be sure to add your Twitterfeeds in the comments below so all us Syracuse Orange fans can interact over on the Twitters and Facebooks as well.

While we're here, please know that we're still looking for beat writers to cover some specific SU sports, namely women's basketball, rowing, volleyball, softball, tennis and FB/BB recruiting. If you're interested, inquire here.