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Scott Shafer, Pat Narduzzi & The Rhode Island Kiwi Story

Bet you weren't expecting that headline today.

During the first 2015 ACC Coaches Teleconference, newly-minted Pittsburgh Panthers coach Pat Narduzzi was asked a question about his time as a Rhode Island Rams assistant at the same time as Syracuse Orange head coach Scott Shafer.

Take it away, Pat.

First, do NOT tell Clemson about this.

On one hand, that's kinda f***ed up. On the other hand, comedy equals tragedy plus time. Since Shafer seems to have recovered well from the incident, we can have a good laugh about it now.

What I do like is that for the first time in a long time I feel like there's something in the air between Syracuse and Pitt. I'm sure it's a friendly rivalry between these two but it's a rivalry all the same. At least that's something. The question is, how do we work kiwis into this?

The Golden Kiwi Trophy? Do we all eat kiwis whenever Syracuse scores a touchdown?

Leave your ideas below...

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