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Should Syracuse Athletics Start a Fan Committee?

Boise State and other universities include fans in the decision-making process when it comes to the football experience. That sounds like exactly what SU needs right now.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

A curious piece of news crossed my Twitterfeed Friday regarding a certain Boise State athletics program that a certain Syracuse Orange athletic director used to be in charge of.

Since May, a 14-member fan advisory committee has met monthly to provide input to the Broncos athletic department in a more direct, personal setting than email, Twitter and shouting at the TV screen.

The key, Boise State officials and committee members agree, is the committee’s makeup. Members range from longtime season-ticket holders and donors to a student and those who don’t buy season tickets.

Boise State received more than 50 applications and set out to build a diverse committee.

Doesn't that sound like exactly the kind of thing Syracuse Athletics needs right now?

We've spent all week wondering what SU Athletics can do to stem the attendance tide, why they don't seem to be able to get the word out and what kind of promotions they should be doing. Maybe part of the problem is the disconnect with what the community and fanbase really wants. What better way to find out by inviting them to be part of the process?

My first thought when I saw that committee was that it sounds like DOC Gross's worst nightmare. Fans...telling him what fans want...nonsense! But clearly that's not Coyle or deputy AD John Cunningham, the person who started the Boise State committee. This is their thing and so I fully expect them to implement it at Syracuse as well.

Reading the article it really does sound like the perfect solution. They've filled the committee with diverse interests, ranging from season ticket holders to donors to students and fans who only buy single-game tickets. Thecommittee has already helped to create a new pregame tailgate area with activities and appearances from redshirted players. They're also considering things such as letting fans vote on uniforms combos, Netflix-like payment plan ideas for season tickets, permitting fans on the field after games and more.

Maybe those things will happen, maybe not, but it's cool to see that the athletic department is willing to listen. Let's hope SU decides to listen, too.