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Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: Official TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

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Hey, it's another game! Let's cross our fingers for no more injuries...

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The Syracuse Orange and Wake Forest Demon Deacons play on Saturday. If you're in the general Syracuse/CNY area, your attendance is requested at the Carrier Dome by 12:30 p.m. ET. We've said plenty about this game already during the week, now we give you some predictions to set your watch by (why yes, it IS "wrong o'clock!"). Here's the TNIAAM crew's predictions for tomorrow's important matchup:

Kevin Wall

Score: Syracuse 20 - Wake Forest 17

MVP: Cole Murphy

Look for a close game as two young teams meet in the ACC opener. Last year these teams were offensive disasters and the Syracuse defense dominated in the Orange win. The Wake offense looks better after one game...I mean kind of like Syracuse, there was no way they couldn't improve on 2014. I look for the Syracuse staff to try and keep things simple for Eric Dungey, but there will be opportunities to make plays in the passing game. In the end, it is two 4th quarter field goals of over 40 yards by Cole Murphy that leads Syracuse to the win.

Michael Burke

Score: Syracuse 17 - Wake Forest 7

MVP: Steve Ishmael

You can expect that both offenses will have difficulty scoring Saturday. Wake Forest's offense is putrid, as in it's one of the worst offenses -- maybe THE worst -- of any Power 5 school. Meanwhile, Wake's strongest unit is its front seven, which means Syracuse likely won't be able to run the ball nearly as well as it did against Rhode Island. So this one could very well come down to the arm of Eric Dungey. Fortunately for him, Steve Ishmael and the rest of the receiving corps should have an advantage against Demon Deacon cornerbacks David Gaulden and Brad Watson, who have the tall task of replacing Kevin Johnson and Merrill Noel.

Brian Tahmosh

Score: Syracuse 17 - Wake Forest 14

MVP: Zaire Franklin

Expect Eric Dungey to look a little less comfortable against an ACC defense - even an ACC team as bad as Wake Forest. Ultimately though, the Deamon Deacons lost to a 3-9 Syracuse squad without its starting QB last year, and I don't see how they've improved enough after losing their top two defensive players to the NFL draft to come into the Dome and get a win. It should be ugly, but a defensive touchdown by the Orange proves to be the game winner down the stretch.

Andy Pregler

Score: Syracuse 12 - Wake Forest 6

MVP: Zaire Franklin

There is no way this game is pretty. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's going to be so bad that John may end up passed out from craft beer overdose by halftime with how ugly both offesnes are going to look against two above average defenses. Franklin will be MVP with something insane like 16 tackles and two sacks. I do think being the home team swings it to Syracuse, with Dungey doing just enough to get the Orange close enough for a few field goals.

Steve Haller

Score: Syracuse 24 - Wake Forest 13

MVP: Rob Trudo

Wake's front seven is the strength of their squad. Their offense is not in a happy place. However, they will put pressure on a young Dungey. The key will be establishing the run and allowing Dungey to not get assaulted in pass protection. If they can do that, they walk away victorious. If Dungey is taking hits, we're going to be in a slog-fest that could go either way.

John Cassillo

Score: Syracuse 20 - Wake Forest 17

MVP: Zaire Franklin

Since yesterday's predictions over at Blogger So Dear, we found out that Ervin Philips will not be suiting up and that causes be to shave off three points for Syracuse. The Orange are still able to put in a tough, smart performance -- keeping mistakes down for a second straight week while remaining aggressive on defense. The offense obviously takes a bit of a step back with the step up in competition Dungey plays well but not great, and SU relies on the defense to hold off Wake on the final drive. A win's a win, though.

Sean Keeley

Score: Syracuse 17 - Wake Forest 14

MVP: Brisly Estime

You just kinda have to assume this one is going to be a slugfest, don't you? Both defenses are pretty stout and neither offense has proven themselves capable of dominating just yet. My hope is that a big play on special teams or on a turnover could be the tide-turner here. I think we'll find out a lot about the Orange this week and I still think they come away with the victory, even if it's much more hard-fought than you'd hope.

Now it's your turn...