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Syracuse vs. LSU: 2017 Game in Baton Rouge Moved to September 23

The game was originally scheduled for September 9.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Hope you didn't already book your flight for Syracuse's 2017 game at LSU cause if so you're now stuck with a change fee*.

The second leg of the home-and-home between the Syracuse Orange and LSU Tigers has been moved from September 9 to September 23. The move accommodates a new game on LSU's schedule against Chattanooga.

The good news about the push back a couple weeks is that, in theory, it gives the Orange a chance to get more experience and wins under their belt before the trip. The bad news is that they still have to go.

Syracuse and LSU play the first game of the series this September 26 in the Carrier Dome, where God is not expected to have mercy on Orange souls.

While Syracuse's 2016 non-conference slate is set (Colgate, USF, UConn, Notre Dame), the Orange still need to fill two spots on the 2017 slate. Along with the LSU trip, they also have a home tilt vs. Central Michigan planned. Syracuse also plays FSU, Louisville and Miami on the road in 2017, so that's neat.

*Do they charge change fees this far out in advance? I don't know how airplanes work.