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Syracuse Football 2015 Captains: Terrel Hunt, Rob Trudo, Zaire Franklin & Luke Arciniega

After representing SU at ACC Kickoff, sophomore Zaire Franklin continues to show how valuable the coaches think he is.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Captains aren't always seniors, but, they're almost always upperclassmen. Makes sense. Captainship is usually given to those who have worked hard and earned the respect of their peers over time as well as team leaders on and off the field.

So think about what it says about Zaire Franklin that the sophomore not only represented SU at ACC Kickoff but is now going to be a team captain in 2015.

Franklin is joined by senior Terrel Hunt, senior Rob Trudo and junior Luke Arciniega with the honor.

Hunt is an obvious selection for this season. He's a fifth-year senior and the starting quarterback. The offense goes through him and you could argue that the fate of the season might rest on his shoulders as well. Hunt wasn't always captain-ly last season but giving him the honor right now hopefully reinforces the level of maturity SU needs from him.

Trudo is the elder statesman of the offensive line and another fifth-year senior. He's transitioned from guard to center, which is traditionally a position of leadership as well.

While only a sophomore, Franklin has clearly established himself as a leader on the defensive side. He is the leading returning tackler and will anchor the linebackers in the middle. You need a strong personality to play that position and clearly Zaire is up to the task.

Finally, Arciniega has clearly made an impression on coaches and fellow players in order to earn this honor. He's technically No. 2 on the depth chart at defensive end but he'll likely get a start this weekend with Ron Thompson out. The JUCO transfer is a junior eligibility-wise and has one more year ahead of him. Nice to see Luke find a position of leadership given everything he's gone through to get here.

Of course, Riley Dixon is probably the Grand Captain, which is an understood title that everyone answers to. But, you know, Riley's a humble guy. He doesn't want to brag. Classy all the way.