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Is Syracuse Really Talking to Wisconsin About a Football Series?

Guys. GUYS...

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I just wrote about the news that Big Ten schools will be dropping FCS opponents from future schedules and how that might mean more games against the Syracuse Orange in the future. I also had a very specific idea of which Big Ten schools I'd prefer to see on SU's future schedules and which ones I would prefer not to, at least until we're back at a point when it's likely we can compete.

My cries apparently fell on deaf ears.

According to, the Wisconsin Badgers and Syracuse are "in talks" about an upcoming football series.

This is not what I had in mind.

Wisky isn't LSU but they're not all that far off either. They're still very capable of taking us behind the woodshed and beating us silly, especially at home. Assuming it would be a home-and-home, this is a series that gives Syracuse very little chance of winning a game, let alone saving face. We're talking about a program that's won 11 games in a season three times in the last five years. It's exactly the kind of program Syracuse doesn't need on the non-conference schedule right now.

Now, details are scarce so as far as we know these talks are preliminary. They may have even been talks that were going on before Mark Coyle was hired and perhaps Coyle will look at the state of things and realize "this is a dumb idea, you guys." We'll see.

A ranking of the softest non-conference schedules came out today. It includes NC State, Baylor and Rutgers (of course). It's not the best designation to have, but as you scroll the list, realize that almost all of those teams are going to go to a bowl game this season, thanks in part to their non-conference schedule. I'll say it 'til I'm orange & blue in the face but Syracuse should try to be trying to make this list for a couple season, instead of doing everything it can to make a football resurrection as hard as possible.