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Syracuse Football: Orange Will Spend Week at Fort Drum

The Syracuse football will once again visit Fort Drum for preseason practice.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the Syracuse Orange football team spent time practicing at Fort Drum for the third consecutive year and it was a huge success. Players got to participate in team-building exercises and work alongside military personnel. The team was able to gain an appreciation for members of the military, and got to bond as a team.

Now, as reported by Nate Mink, the team will again head to Fort Drum for preseason practice on Aug. 17 to Aug. 21. More details will follow. In the past, the team scrimmaged in front of the aforementioned military personnel and enjoyed their time playing paint ball against them at the end of the week.

They also lifted a lot of heavy things. The experience continues to be great for both members of the football team and members of Fort Drum. Hopefully the tradition will continue for years to come.

See some of the drills the team has done in the past below.