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Syracuse Football Practice Catch-Up: Brisly Estime Going Big Time

There's been a lot going on at SU Football practice this week. Let's get caught up.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We've been so busy trying to convince you that Syracuse Orange football might just do this damn thing that we haven't really been paying attention to what's going on at the actual practices. Let's remedy that by catching up on all the recent news and developments.

Depth Chart

An updated depth chart was released this week. Couple things to note...

  • Despite a push by Eric Dungey, Austin Wilson remains No. 2 on the QB chart.
  • Brisly Estime jumped Alvin Cornelius in part because of Alvin's injury but also because he's been extremely consistent throughout camp.
  • The O-line should be three seniors, a junior and a RS freshman, which at least brings a lot of experience to the table.
  • If Ron Thompson still can't go, it looks like Qaadir Sheppard will be taking his spot at DE, followed by Amir Ealey. Though Stephen Bailey notes that Luke Arciniega would probably get the start against Rhode Island.
  • While the LB starters seem set, it sounds like JUCO transfer Ted Taylor and senior Oliver Vigille will be the top reserves.
  • The kicker spot remains Cole Murphy's to lose. It does seem like Syracuse has a recent history of young kickers who eventually lose their jobs to newbies. We'll have to see if the trend continues.
  • Estime is your guy for punt returns and it looks like it'll be him and Erv Phillips back there on kickoffs.

Cullen's Journey

If you somehow missed Stephen Bailey's piece on freshman Shyheim Cullen and the long, winding road he took to get here, you absolutely have to go read that right now.

Living in eight foster homes over the first four years of his life, Shyheim's early childhood was plagued by medical issues. He was dropped on his head by his birth mother at 2 months old, battled severe malnutrition for the first 18 months of his life and was incorrectly assumed to have a mental disability until he was adopted. A learning disability and his adoptive parents' divorce complicated his adolescence, but Shyheim emerged a mature individual and one of the best football players to come out of Massachusetts in recent years.

And now he's one of your favorite SU players...

To WR or not to WR

Recruited as a quarterback, freshman Kenterius Womack seems to be making the slow transition into wide receiver.Much like Ashton Broyld before him, Womack has too much talent to not be involved even if he's not quite ready to play quarterback. Just like Broyld, you can assume that he's probably never going to play QB for Syracuse as he's still learning how to adjust and SU wouldn't commit that kind of time and effort on someone in order to just send it back to QB a year from now.