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Syracuse Football: Players, Coaches Confident in Offense; Where Have We Seen this Before?

Everyone is saying the right things about the 2015 offense heading into the season. That should make us feel all warm and fuzzy ... right?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year. The season is just around the corner. The players are getting a feel for the playbook, and everyone is happy, confident and in the best shape of their lives.

This time always reminds me of Spring Training stories for baseball. Everyone is ready for the season to start, they've made the necessary changes from last year's debacle (most likely) and they're willing to do whatever the manager asks them to do. Only three months later do we find out that nothing changed, the clubhouse is revolting, and they're repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

We've been hearing some good things about the SU offense as we get closer to the opener against Rhode Island. Things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Things that make you feel confident that things will be different.

I am more confident. Hell, how could it possibly be worse than last year, right? Hope springs eternal, after all, and if we can be positive for even a few weeks leading into the season, why shouldn't we be?

But ...

Not saying we shouldn't stay positive. #JustSaying we have heard some positive things before and been burned. For example:

Terrel Hunt on the 2015 offense and how they've played against the SU defense:

"That's when we really realized, 'Hey we could do something here. We just have to listen to what Coach Lester says and buy in to it.'"

Terrel Hunt on the 2014 offense:

"I love it. I just listen to what (George McDonald) says. He tells us to go fast, we go fast."


Scott Shafer on the transition from McDonald's offense to Tim Lester's offense:

"I feel really strongly about where we're headed. I feel good about it. I think things fit better than they have in the past."

Scott Shafer on the transition to the uptempo offense from 2013 into 2014:

"It’s been smooth. It’s been real smooth. We went up-tempo a little bit those last couple games especially, and I think the kids were eager to get back into that, as were the coaches."


Tim Lester on how the team is taking to the 2015 offense:

"We're trying to get better every day, but when we talk to the players, they know what we're talking about. I don't have to explain the play before I talk about the nuances of it."

George McDonald on how the team is taking to the 2014 offense:

"It has been exciting. Every day you see something better. Our job is to keep pushing them to perfection and not let them get comfortable."


Don't get me wrong. It's a good thing the players and coaches are confident in the 2015 offense. It's a whole lot better than them NOT being confident. That's for sure.

Everyone's saying and doing the right things right now, which is good. But we're not going to know anything until at the very least, September 4, and probably not really until later than that.