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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #62, C, Andrejas Duerig

Get to know the new center in town.

Name: Andrejas Duerig

Position: Center

Year: Freshman

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 297

Hometown: Lowell, Ind.

High School: Mount Carmel

2014 Stats: Not too many stats and an offensive lineman but between offense, defense and special teams, Duerig played 130 of a total 140 snaps  per game.

2015 Projections: Duerig originally saw himself as a guard for the Orange but the coaches steered him toward center considering A) the team doesn't have a huge desire for guards currently and B) he's an athletic kid. Duerig was a tight end in high school his junior year but moved to right guard when the position opened up due to injury. He could get some decent playing time considering that Jason Emerich, the only other true center, will be a senior this coming year.

How'd He Get Here: Duerig transferred from Lowell High School in Indiana to Mount Carmel in Chicago, Ill in January 2014. He was recruited by Western Michigan, Toledo, Illinois State, Florida Atlantic, and Buffalo.

What Recruiting Sites Said: Scout (2), Rivals (2), 24/7 (3)

Money Quote: "I know people wonder why I didn't have Big 10 offers. I could have waited, but my heart was at SU. I will prove myself this senior year. Can't wait to do it."

Twitter feed: @ajduerig

Tweets of Wonder:

What does Shafer think: This picture seems to say Shafer is on board

Let's get a look: