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Syracuse Football 2015: Why the Orange Will Finish 5-7

Okay, so Syracuse won't be going to a bowl game this season, but 5-7 is a step in the right direction compared to 3-9 a season ago.

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Ed. Note - This week TNIAAM writers are taking a stab at telling you at why this football team will finish with a specific record.

Okay, so maybe 5-7 isn't exactly what everyone was hoping for. 5-7 puts Syracuse at a losing season without being eligible to play in a bowl game. But you don't right the ship in one season, and 5-7 would be an improvement from a year ago. Let's get things started:

Rhode Island: This should be a shoe-in. Syracuse opens the season at home against an opponent coming off a 1-11 season. The Orange will march to an easy victory. W (1-0, 0-0)

Wake Forest: Things get a bit more difficult in the second week, but not much changes from a season ago as the Syracuse defense settles in and handles a poor offensive team. Syracuse beats Wake for the second year in a row with senior QB Terrel Hunt back at starter and Syracuse cruises. W (2-0, 1-0)

Central Michigan: Syracuse faces another opponent for the second year in a row in back-to-back games. Although the game is a bit closer than last year, the Orange are barely tested. Syracuse is firing on all cylinders at this point, however the brunt of this schedule still remains. W (3-0, 1-0)

LSU: Maybe there's a chance?

Nope, no shot at all. Do we really need to delve into this one? Next. L (3-1, 1-0)

South Florida: Syracuse looks to rebound after a brutal loss to one of the nation's best teams and heads on the road for the first time of the season. South Florida puts up a great fight in a game that comes down to the wire with Syracuse ultimately prevailing. W (4-1, 1-0)

Virginia: Syracuse and Virginia are quite similar in that both programs were good defensive teams a season ago, but will have some new faces on the defensive end this year. Ultimately Syracuse pulls out a low scoring game with Chuck Bullough's defense being the difference maker. W (5-1, 2-0)

Pittsburgh: The Orange return home looking to build on what looks like a great season, but ultimately the Pitt running game proves to be too strong for Syracuse, resulting in a loss. L (5-2, 2-1)

Florida State: Famous Jameis is now a Buc' but the core of Florida State is just too strong for the Orange as former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson annihilates the Syracuse defense for the second year in a row. L (5-3, 2-2)

Louisville: Syracuse will look to end a two game skid and pick up a victory at Louisville, but Will Gardner has other plans and unleashes for a great night against the Syracuse defense. Syracuse loses three games straight with Clemson looming in the background. L (5-4, 2-3)

Clemson: There's no rest for the weary as Syracuse goes up against Clemson, who has also had a tough schedule. Clemson proves to be too strong for Syracuse in every facet of the game, blowing the game wide open. But hey, at least Syracuse fans don't live under a rock. L (5-5, 2-4)

NC State: The last two games are crucial for Syracuse and the Orange need both wins to solidify itself as a bowl contender. The Orange keep things interesting by hanging around, but the Wolfpack close the game out down the stretch. L (5-6, 2-5)

Boston College: Well, this isn't exactly the battle of the titans, but it's important for Syracuse to end the season on a high note. With a deflated Syracuse morale, BC runs all over the Syracuse defense. In what looked like a promising season, Syracuse drops six straight games; at this point everyone is excited for basketball. L (5-7, 2-6)


5-7 isn't what everyone is hoping for in 2015, but it is a step in the right direction. What do you think Syracuse fans? Does Scott Shafer keep his job with a 5-7 record? Let us know in the comment section below.