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New Amsterdam's College Team? Syracuse's #BRAND In Peril With Secession Plans

Obviously, New York State is not splitting into two. But what this post presupposes is, what if it does?

There's a theory out here in the Pacific Northwest that the Western halves of Washington and Oregon should actually be their own state while the Eastern halves should be a separate state. Both Western halves are much more liberal, focus around big cities and coastal towns and have shared industrial backgrounds. Both Eastern halves are more conservative, agricultural and rural.

In theory, it kinda makes sense. But perhaps there's a balance that makes the current makeup of both states work better. Dividing the two states up like that would probably create a financial imbalance that would be hard to even out. There's probably a lot more issues at stake that you or I are even aware of. Point is, while it looks like it makes sense on paper, it might actually not.

Upstate New York and New York City certainly seem like they should be their own separate entities. If you've spent a good enough amount of time in either, you know they are worlds apart from one another. But there are probably ways they provide a balance for one another. And there are sure to be consequences if it were to ever happen.

Syracuse University's coveted #BRAND could be one of those affected.

Imagine what would happen if the Syracuse Orange were suddenly located in the state of New Amsterdam and not the state of New York? Think of how that affects the groundwork laid by DOC Gross.

No more New York's College Team. From now on, we're #NewAmsterdamsCollegeTeam.

What happens to the billboard at Yankee Stadium? Goodbye, NYC taxi billboards. They don't want our seceding kind hanging billboards in Times Square. St. John's gets to steal the title from us for basketball while...uh...the football title is vacated.*

*Shut up, Rutgers.

There is one benefit, I suppose. Renaming Upstate New York as New Amsterdam strengthens the connection between us and Netherlands. You know who wears a crapton of orange? The Dutch! They'll take us under their wing for sure.

Okay, I'm sold. I for one welcome my new Dutch overlords. While we're at it, can we trim off Buffalo and give that to Canada? Makes the whole New Amsterdam's College Team argument that much easier.