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Syracuse Football Practice: AJ Long Throwing, Parris Bennett Making Gains

Let's catch up on Syracuse football practice as the pieces start to come into place. As is Rob Trudo's beard.

Rob Trudo's Beard, tho
Rob Trudo's Beard, tho


AJ Long threw the football for the first time in weeks, though it was only during warmups. Long hopes to get back into the mix for the No. 2 position behind Terrel Hunt.


Never trust Rob Trudo while doing an interview.

LB profiles freshman linebacker Parris Bennett, who seems to have locked down the starting strong side position.

"Once spring hit and I saw the position was pretty open, I saw I could make a push for it," Bennett said. "And I knew playing on the edge, I've always played in space, open-field tackling is my thing and coverage has always been a strong part of my game, so I just knew it would be a good position for me.

Shafer added, "I think he's going to be a real good football player." Looking forward to it.


Antwan Cordy, Rodney Williams and Julian Whigham are among the players to distinguished themselves in fall camp according to


Keith Mitsuuschi seems to have earned himself the gig as short snapper. He's spent a lot of time working with first-team holder Riley Dixon. Matt Keller worked with backup holder Zack Mahoney. Keller, meanwhile, still seems to have the long snapper spot locked down.

Some of the players who seem to be on kick coverage include Qaadir Sheppard, Alvin Cornelius, George Morris II, Parris Bennett, Juwan Dowels and Rodney Williams.