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Syracuse Basketball: NCAA Still Determining Moustapha Diagne's Eligibility

The New Jersey Herald reports that Moustapha Diagne's eligibility hinges on one class he took while home in Senegal. Diagne chose to enroll in a community college this fall to ensure he could return to America for the academic year.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

News broke early Sunday morning that Syracuse Orange basketball recruit Moustapha Diagne's eligibility is still to be determined by the NCAA and that the issue is one class he took while home in Senegal over three years ago.

Jason Hasson, Diagne's coach at Pope John, told the New Jersey Herald that Diagne has not been declared ineligible and that the matter is still pending. Hasson added that Diagne, who has been home in Senegal all summer, had to enroll in an American college by last Thursday per stipulations of his U.S. student visa in order to return to the U.S. for the fall semester.

The name of the community college Diagne has chosen to attend has not been released as of yet. Hasson would not break the news of where Diagne is attending but commented that, "He’s going to a very good two-year school on a full scholarship."

Syracuse faithful have wondered why Diagne held out his decision to enroll but it's now clear this issue is something Diagne and Hasson have known about for some time and they "waited until the absolute last possible minute to do something else."

Hasson also clarified that this issue has nothing to do with Diagne's time at Pope John, saying that his player was "a very good student."

It is unclear as to why the NCAA has taken so long to come to a ruling on the matter but Hasson has reassured the public -- moreover, Syracuse fans -- that when this is settled, Diagne will be able to play Division I basketball.