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Syracuse Football Practice: Wilson & Dungey Battle For Backup QB Spot

Freshman Eric Dungey is making his case for consideration much sooner than expected.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


You could take Scott Shafer's announcement that Austin Wilson and Eric Dungey are the two guys battling for the backup quarterback spot one of two ways. First, you could take it as common sense, since AJ Long is still recovering from a hand injury and Kentarius Womack is splitting time with wide receivers. Or, you could take it as a sign that Dungey is making serious strides and could end up leap-frogging the guys ahead of him on the depth chart much quicker than anticipated.

"We've got a great battle going on for the No. 2 quarterback going on right now (between) Austin Wilson and Eric Dungey," SU head coach Scott Shafer said after an open scrimmage on Thursday. "It's really becoming a heck of a competition, and it's good to see that healthy competition going on."

Does this also mean Shafer is putting a potential Long redshirt back on the table? For now he just keeps rehabbing and Shafer doesn't consider him part of the competition.

"You can't be in a competition until you're on the field."

Meanwhile, Terrel Hunt put together a short but solid performance on the day.


Brisly Estime had a big day, catching two touchdown passes and showing off some of that speed that makes him so valuable. As guys are suffering injuries all around him, Estime continues to get first-team reps. Assuming everyone gets healthy, it sounds like it's still a battle between Estime and Alvin Cornelius for the second WR spot after Steve Ishmael.

Dontae Strickland shined from the hybrid spot, breaking a bevy of tackles throughout the day.

Kenterius Womack worked on the double-reverse. Even though the play was broken, keep an eye on that.

George Morris II broke a 50-yard touchdown run early in practice.


Steven Clark "was in the backfield all day" according to Shafer.

Ron Thompson was off crutches on the sidelines, joined by John Raymon.


Juwan Dowels made a nice pick-six early in practice.