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Football Season Preview: TNIAAM's First Annual All-ACC Team Fantasy Draft

This took much longer than we expected it to...

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone pulls together all-conference teams and the like in the lead up to college football season. We wanted to as well, but... why repeat what everyone else has already done around the internet?

Instead, at TNIAAM, we decided to spend upwards of seven hours on an All-ACC Team Fantasy Football Draft. Yes, we have lives outside of this site. Why do you ask?

The rules:

We conducted a 24-round snake draft. Sean conveniently got the first overall pick, while Brian was sixth. You can view the draft order, teams, results, etc. all at this handy Google Doc link. Everyone selected a starting lineup consisting of a QB, two RBs, two WRs, one tight end, two OLs, two DLs, two LBs, two DBs, a punter and a kicker -- plus eight reserves. Scoring for each position is included in the doc. We'll be using these squads all season. There are no transactions allowed except to sub for season-ending injuries.


What ended up happening? Well, a lot of things.

1. Sean was delayed in arriving to the room. He's met with a chorus of boos when he picks Pittsburgh running back James Conner with the first overall selection.

2. John picks Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya, despite the knowledge that Clemson's Deshaun Watson is the better player.

3. Michael runs errands for upwards of 40 minutes, then returns to pick North Carolina QB Marquise Williams.

4. Dan gets the conference's probable player of the year, Watson, with the fourth overall pick somehow.

5. Kevin goes with #DARKHORSE Heisman candidate Jacoby Brissett as his starting quarterback.

6. Brian gets his own steal with Justin Thomas at the bottom of round one.

Among the other notable happenings in the early rounds:

- Four Clemson players were selected in the first 2.5 rounds... #disloyalidiots.

- The first Orange player, wide receiver Steve Ishmael, was selected in round 5 (by Dan).

- The scoring benefits Georgia Tech linemen, as everyone figures out all at once, leading to a run on Yellow Jackets and other linemen.

- Brian leaves for a bit.

- Virginia Tech's entire front four is gone by round 13

Not to bore you with the full teams here (again, check the Google link), here's how the top offensive picks shook out for each team:


See? "SO MUCH" (read: marginally more fun) than putting together an All-ACC team like everyone else!


While we did underestimate how long this was going to take (John drafted the last 5-7 rounds himself with lists from the other teams), it still ended up being an entertaining exercise in figuring out just how good certain players and teams will be this fall. It also called attention to the fact that Syracuse is still VERY MUCH behind every other squad in the ACC in terms of individual talent on the roster. Yes, even Wake...

Your breakdown of how many players were chosen per team is below. Additionally, a call out for each Syracuse player chosen.

Team Total Picks
Florida State 16
Georgia Tech 14
Virginia Tech 14
Miami 12
North Carolina 12
Louisville 10
Duke 10
Pittsburgh 10
NC State 9
Wake Forest 6
Boston College 6
Virginia 6

Keeping in mind that nearly every Orange pick was a reach, and every team but John's (#disloyalidiot) has at least one SU player on the team, here's where 'Cuse guys were all chosen:

1. Steve Ishmael, WR (Dan, Fifth Round)

2. Devante McFarlane, RB (Sean, 7th Round)

3. Zaire Franklin, LB (Kevin, 10th Round)

4. Ron Thompson, DL (Michael, 11th Round)

5. Marqez Hodge, LB (Brian, 12th Round)

6. Ervin Philips, WR (Brian, 14th Round)

7. Terrel Hunt, QB (Dan, 18th Round)

8. Brisly Estime, WR (Brian, 18th Round)

9. Rodney Williams, DB (Kevin, 20th Round)

10. Riley Dixon, P (Sean, 21st Round)

11. Rob Trudo, OL (Kevin, 21st Round)

... Despite the hilarious outcome that is SU getting more players selected than Clemson, we know that's probably unrealistic.


Looking forward to seeing these teams tally up questionable stat lines all season? Wish we'd never done this at all? Leave your thoughts in the comments.