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Syracuse Football Practice: Rappelling, Jousting & Other Football-Related Activities

The Syracuse football team had a very busy day at Fort Drum though the highlights didn't really seem to take place on the football field.

Fort Drum

Some might say that rappelling down a 45-foot wall serves no purpose for a football team but I say that rappelling down a 45-foot wall gives the team the experience needed to make a stunning field introduction when they rappel from the Carrier Dome roof to Ernie Davis Legends Field before the start of each game. Imagine how psyched you'll be...

You can see more photos of the drill here.

Later in the day, the team formed a circle, handed out pugil sticks and took turns beating the crap out of one another.


Terrel Hunt chose not take part in the wall rappel, leading Zaire Franklin to say, "Don't be softnosed."

AJ Long was limited again as he recovers from a hand upper body injury.


Steve Ishmael practiced Wednesday, which was good news considering he injured his knee lower body on Tuesday.


Ron Thompson rode a stationary bike as he continues to rehab from a Dreaded LBI.


While Steve Ishmael took it easy and didn't take punt returns, Dontae Strickland, Jordan Fredericks, Rodney Williams, Antwan Cordy, Ervin Philips and Brisly Estime all took turns catching punts.

The team practiced a fake field goal with Riley Dixon throwing. It didn't work but that's okay, I'm sure Riley is saving it for the real deal.