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Syracuse Football: 2015 Simulation Says Orange Will Finish 4-8ish

If is correct, it's not going to be all that fun of a season again.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports plays every college football game 50,000 times beforehand in order to figure out who is most likely to win. Extrapolating that model, they went ahead and predicted the entire 2015 season. When it comes to the Syracuse Orange, their prediction is...not that great.


They also provide some details and analysis of how things will apparently end up:

Power Rank: 83
Offensive Rank: 110
Defensive Rank: 58
Conference Standing: 12
Projected Bowl: None
Biggest Strength: Young, Aggressive Defense
Greatest Weakness: Pass Offense and Defensive Inexperience
Breakout Candidate: Devante McFarlane, RB

Sounds like what I'd expect to hear at this point. Here's what they have to say about the the College Football Playoff and how it might all shake out. Apparently we might be looking at a repeat champ:

In the CFP, Ohio State wins a semifinal matchup against Auburn, 33-30, and TCU bests USC, 35-34. In the College Football National Championship, Ohio State is the victor over TCU, 34-27.

While they have Clemson as the ACC Champs, they have the Tigers as the weakest of the P5 Conference Champs. So Clemson...

Before letting this prediction go, we decided to take a look back at 2014 to see how things turned out. Turns out they pegged Syracuse to finish just about 6-6 last year and go to the Military Bowl. Let that be hope that the stats don't always get it right (even if we wish they had). One thing worth noting, however, they correctly picked the four teams that would end up in the CFP, which is kinda crazy.