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Let's Predict How TV Announcers Will Butcher Syracuse Football Player Names in 2015

We know that TV announcers are going to mispronounce and make up Syracuse football player names. Let's try to figure out how they'll do it.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Announcing a football game is probably a lot tougher than it looks. You've got to know all the players & coaches and be able to identify them quickly. You've got to know backstories and histories on both teams. You need to have an understanding of the bigger picture and how this game fits into it. And unless you're the team play-by-play guy, you probably go into the game with a very limited knowledge of most of these things.

So I don't think we expect TV announcers to be perfect. We do hope, at least, that they'll get the names of the players right. I think we can all agree that's a low bar we can set and feel good about trying to meet.

I don't know why this seems to be a very hard thing when it comes to Syracuse Orange athletes. I assume it must be special to us because I rarely see other fanbases complaining about the phenomena (or maybe we just complain a lot). Meanwhile we're over here with The Cooney BrothersJoey McNamaraRitchie Dene, Jeremiah WilkesCJ McCullough and Chris Christmas. It's so common there's a Twitterfeed dedicated to it.

Sometimes it's an association with another person (Gerry Cooney), sometimes it's a combination of two guys on the same team (Tyler Cooney) and sometimes it's just...who the hell knows (Terry Cooney).

So with that in mind, I thought it might be good to prepare ourselves for the coming annoyance. Let's run down the roster and figure out the most likely mispronunciations and flat-out incorrect names you'll be hearing from unprepared announcers all season long. Share your own picks in the comments below...

Julian Whigham: Julius Wiggans

Eric Dungey: Aaron Dunfy

Wayne Morgan: Morgan Wayne

Ervin Phillips: Arvin Phillps

Zaire Franklin: "Zay-ur" Franklin

A.J. Long: B.J. Long

Luke Arciniega: Lucas Archuleta

Austin Wilson: Steve Austin

Rodney Williams: Roger Williams

Kenterius Womack: Kenterus Wombat

Troy Green: Tim Green

Oliver Vigille: Ollie Vigill

Antwan Cordy: Antwon Corty

Steve Ishmael: Steve Israel

Brisly Estime: Brinsley Esstime

Sterling Hofrichter: Roger Sterling

Terrel Hunt: Tyrone Hunt

Trey Dunkelberger: Trey Drunkenburger

Corey Winfield: Dave Winfield

Ryan Norton: Ryan Nolan

Ron Thompson: Rod Thompson

Juwan Dowels: Jermaine Dows

Zack Mahoney: Officer Mahoney

Jamal Custis: Jerome Custer

Dontae Strickland: Rod Strickland

Daivon Ellison: David Elliott

Cordell Hudson: Cornell Hudson

Chauncey Scissum: Fauntleroy Scissors

Jordan Fredericks: Fred Jordans

Shyheim Cullen: Boeheim Cullen

Keilan Whitner: Kiley Whitney

Tyrone Perkins: Tyson Parsons

George Morris II: George Morris III

Christopher Frederick: Jordan Frederick

Devante McFarlane: DeMarcus Farlane

Parris Bennet: Parris Beret

Kyle Kleinberg: Kylie Kyleberg

Marqez Hodge: Marquise Hawes

Jacob Hill: Jake Hull

Eric Jackson: Eric Johnson

Alex Hodgkinson: Eric Hopkinson

Ted Taylor: Ty Tedler

Troy Henderson: Troy Harrelson

Eric Anthony: Anthony Erics

Jacob Green: Tim Green (too)

Joe Stanard: Jim Standard

Terrell Drayton: Terrence Dayton

P.J. Batten: BJ Patten

Matt Keller: Mike Keeler

Cole Murphy: Cain Murray

Alryk Perry: Eric Perry

John Raymon: Josh Raymond

Donnie Simmons: Ron Simmons

Kayton Samuels: KC Manuel

Lucas Albrecht: Luis Albright

Nathan Hines: Gregory Hines

Tyler Cross: Tyrese Crest

Rob Trudo: Ron Trumbo

Kenny Carter: Kenny Cotter

Omari Palmer: Omarion Palmer

Donnie Foster: Danny Foster

Hernz Laguerre: Heinz Laguna

Aaron Roberts: Aaron Robertson

Cody Conway: Cody Calloway

Samuel Clausman: Santa Clausman

Andrejas Duerig: Andrew During

Evan Adams: Adam Even

Rony Charles: Charlie Rene

Colin Byrne: Colin Hanks

Jamar McGloster: Jamal McGinley

Michael Lasker: Michael Lassiter

Nick Robinson: Robin Nickson

Keith Mitsuuchi: Kevin Mitsuzuki

Alex Hayes: Adam Hayes

Steven Clark: Steven Sark

Ivan Foy: Igor Fay

Jon Burton: Jack Burton (you know what he'd say at a time like this...)

Seamus Shanley: Sheamus O'Sanley

Denzel Ward: Denzel Washington

Keaton Darney: Kayton Daniels

Jason Emerich: Roland Emmerich

Anthony Giudice: Anthony "Gwa-dooch"

Taylor Hindy: Tyler Handy

Alvin Cornelius: Erving Cornelius

Sean Avant: Shane Ament

Ben Lewis: Parker Lewis

Nesean Crofford: Nasean Crawton

Adly Enoicy: Adlay Enoisy

Kendall Moore: Kimble Mare

Clay Austin: Wilson Austin

Josh Parris: Jess Purris

Cameron MacPherson: Macky MacPherson

Riley Dixon: Raylon Dawson

Qaadir Sheppard: Qatar Shipley

Chris Slayton: Christian Slay

Amir Ealey: Omar Easly

Jake Pickard: Jack Pickering