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Syracuse Football Practice: Steve Ishmael Suffers Bruised Knee in Collision

Syracuse's Tuesday practice at Fort Drum was cut short by lightning but not so short that a key member of the squad couldn't get hurt.

Tiny Scott Shafer!
Tiny Scott Shafer!

The Syracuse Orange came into fall camp pretty healthy for once. So much for that.

Let's find out what happened on Tuesday when the team practiced at Fort Drum.

Fort Drum

Along with the annual tradition of practicing for a week at Fort Drum, there's also the annual tradition of Syracuse football players posing for photos with large weapons in their hands. has some and The D.O. has more, including a shot of Riley Dixon with a stance that should replace the Heisman pose.


Syracuse lost it's first true test of the season on Tuesday. It's battle against Mother Nature. Practice had to be cut short and moved indoors due to lightning.

"Unfortunately we had to go in there, and now I realize why I didn't want to be a gymnasium teacher for the rest of my life," coach Scott Shafer said, "because it gets loud in there."


AJ Long practiced but remained limited thanks to a wrap on his right wrist. That's an improvement from the cast that used to be there.

When it comes to Deflategate, Terrel Hunt is #TeamBrady all the way.

"Every quarterback feels the ball and takes a little air out, or says, 'Ah, can you take a little air out?' " Hunt said. "You ask the refs and they do it for you sometimes."

"Tom Brady is my favorite quarterback. Here's how I look at it, all right? I think the refs, not that it's their fault, but they have last say. Every time they place the ball they could say, 'This is a little flat.' At the end of the day, the refs were feeling the ball a lot more than anyone else. But I'm a Tom Brady fan. I'm a little biased."


Syracuse has lost a few wide receivers to off-field issues (Ashton Broyld) as well as the hybrid position, so it's imperative that guys like Steve Ishmael make an impact. We'd prefer that impact to be with big catches and touchdowns and not with his knee colliding into a teammate.

Ishmael collided with freshman center Andrejas Duerig while fielding a punt and appeared to clutch his knee after contact. Scott Shafer came over to monitor initial tests by the training staff before Ishmael was helped off the field. He later walked on his own power on the sideline.

Shafer said the sophomore receiver will be fine and that there will be no additional tests on the knee. Shafer is hopeful that Ishmael will return to practice Wednesday.

No harm is taking it easy on Wednesday, guys. Long season.


Ron Thompson isn't practicing but he is there with the team. His left foot is in a boot and he's using crutches due to The Dreaded Lower Body Injury.


Riley Dixon continues to earn Heisman consideration with his booming kicks as well as his angled kicks.