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Former Syracuse Football Recruit Marquise Blair Picks Community College With SU Ties

Marquise Blaire has enrolled at Dodge City Community College in Kansas.

Last week, it was announced that Marquise Blair failed to meet NCAA academic standards and that he would have to attend junior college in order to play college football. Now, Stephen Bailey has reported that the former Syracuse Orange signee has enrolled at Dodge City Community College in Kansas.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer has said that the plan remains to recruit Blair. The earliest he could arrive on the Syracuse campus is in January of 2017 after he completes his coursework at junior college. Should Blair come to Syracuse from DCCC, he would be the second player to do so in less than three years. Ted Taylor committed to Syracuse in Feb. from DCCC.

While Syracuse has recruited Taylor from DCCC, the Syracuse coaching staff did not influence Blair's decision. The DCCC coaching staff reached out to Blair back in the spring once they were aware of his academic situation. was the first to report the news on Blair.