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Get To Know Your Orange Man - No. 99, DE Jake Pickard

Let's get to know one of the brightest stars in the Class of 2015 recruiting class.

Jake Pickard

Name: Jake Pickard

Position: DE

Year: Freshman

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 244

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

High School: Millburn

2014 Stats: Tough time finding senior stats but as a junior he had 70 total tackles, 2.5 sacks, three fumble recoveries and three blocked field goals. He also played tight end.

2015 Projections: Pickard is currently fourth in the depth chart at one of the defensive end spots but expect him to rise fairly quickly. Don't be surprised to see him get some playing time thanks to talent and lack of depth on the defensive line.

How'd He Get Here: Pickard would have been a Wisconsin Badger but their head coach left for Oregon State and he flipped to SU. He had offers from tons of programs, including Michigan, BC, Cincy, UConn, Illinois, Louisville, Nebraska, Oregon, Purdue, Rutgers, Temple and Virginia.

What'd Recruiting Sites SayScout (3), Rivals (3), ESPN (3), 24/7 (3)

Money Quote: "They say a transformational leader is somebody who changed the way you look at life, changes how hard you work. It just changes you as opposed to just I'm going to coach you, I'm going to coach you up, I'm going to make sure you're well and give you a handshake and put you out into this world. "[Coach Shafer's] truly a guy who cares about his players and wants to be a transformational leader as opposed to just another coach." [via]

Links Of Wonder: Chandler Jones has a message for the new No. 99.


Tweets Of Wonder

What Does Shafer Think Of Him?:

"I love his motor...There are times when his technique is absolutely horrendous. But his effort overcomes it. You can coach technique with a kid that has talent and has long arms like he does, but that effort, that high motor is something you can't."

Interesting Nugget O' Interest: After he de-comitted from Wisconsin, it was between Syracuse and Michigan. Nice to get a recruiting win like that.

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: