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Syracuse Football Practice: Ron Thompson Out With Lower Body Injury

The first two-a-day of the 2015 Fall Camp. Here's what we learned following Friday's morning session.


Shafer addressed the news that Syracuse had scheduled Wisconsin in 2020 and 2021, saying that he's excited for the opportunity so long it's not a schedule full of high-profile opponents.


AJ Long is nursing that hand injury and didn't take part in throwing drills on Friday. He appears to have re-injured the hand on Thursday as he was seen holding it at times while bending over.

Here's more on Womack and how a move to WR could affect recruiting moving forward. According to Tim Lester, the team won' make an official decision on him until after Fort Drum.


Shafer called out Ervin Phillips as a guy he was very impressed with on the day. Phillips made some nice catches, ran the ball well and showed off his juke skills.


Kendall Moore worked with tight ends for the second-straight day.

Tyler Provo, P.J. Batten and Denzel Ward all sat out practice.


The big news of the day is that you can finally welcome back The Football Injury God to Syracuse practice. He's arrived in style in the last couple days, capping his return with the news that Ron Thompson will be out for a couple weeks with The Dreaded LBI.

"Ron Thompson has a lower-body injury and it's probably going to be a couple weeks," Shafer said. "So we'll try to be real smart with that and get some good rehab on it."

He joins John Raymon on the injured list. In the meantime, Shafer sees it as an opportunity to get younger guys more snaps against better talent.

"Our focus is let's go to the next guys and develop them," Shafer said, "so there's a silver lining there. But it's not like they're out for the season or anything like that.

"... We'll get those two guys back here not too long. We're 21 days out (from the season opener against Rhode Island) right now. So we've got time to get them healed up."

Shafer specifically said he's looking forward to seeing what Donnie Simmons and Luke Arciniega can do at the FanFest scrimmage.


Cole Murphy was 2-for-4 on field goal tries that the media witnessed.

Brisly Estime had a rough day on punt returns, dropping one and nearly dropping another.