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Syracuse Football Practice: Kenterius Womack With WRs, Kendall Moore With TEs

Let's find out what we learned on day five of Syracuse Orange football camp.


Practices are a little shorter this year, which is good because that apparently means we won't go to overtime against Rhode Island.


No one is saying he's officially not a quarterback yet but Kenterius Womack may be shuffling to wide receiver this season. Whether it's a short-term plan to get this athlete on the field or a long-term consideration, we'll have to wait and see. Womack did still do some work with the quarterbacks so they're probably not letting him loose just yet. Tim Lester did previously say that both Womack and Eric Dungey were "too talented" to remain backup quarterbacks.

AJ Long is dealing with The Dreaded UBI and missed a portion of practice.


Even though Syracuse hasn't installed the red zone package yet (ahem...), Tim Lester said that Jamal Custis will play a large role.


Another guy on the move to a new/old position is Kendall Moore. Previously a tight end, the junior was trying to transition over to center but for whatever reason it looks like he might be headed back to his original spot.

Tyler Provo was limited in practice due to a hamstring issue.



John Raymon continued to take it easy and is now wearing a brace on his right elbow. Denzel Ward is also sidelined as he recovers from a "chronic lower body injury."

Chris Slayton has been picking up the slack in Raymon's absence and has an "excellent" jump off the snap according to Chuck Bullough.


Chuck Bullough said he thought that Zaire Franklin and JUCO transfer Ted Taylor were standouts in camp so far.

Here's some video of the linebackers working against blockers with Clark Lea.


Corner Eric Jackson is dealing with The Dreaded LBI.

Chuck Bullough said that he thinks at least one of the freshmen DBs will see playing time.


The field goal block unit seems to consist of Wayne Morgan, Corey Winfield, Antwan Cordy, Luke Arciniega, Marqez Hodge, Kayton Samuels, Zaire Franklin, Chauncey Scissum and Parris Bennett. Morgan and Winfield were the edge rushers.