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Syracuse Football Practice: Steven Clark & Parris Bennett Rising

What did we learn from day four of the 2015 Syracuse Football fall camp?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports


Everyone is expecting Erv Phillips to shine at the Hybrid position this year but there's a reason Ben Lewis is slotted here as well.

"I was interested to see the trial in the spring with Ben running the ball, but he's a good, strong, physical runner," Shafer said. "He put great numbers up in the weight room, and you can see those coming out on the football field."

Shafer said that George Morris II "ran the ball well" while Devante McFarlane shined in pass protection.


Denzel Ward sat out practice thanks to The Dreaded LBI, which has been "nagging" and appears to be his right knee.


Scott Shafer brought a lot of attention to freshman Steven Clark on Wednesday, which is exactly the kind of thing that almost kept him from coming here in the first place.

"Steven Clark is going to be a very good football player. He is a strong young man for a freshman. He's fighting those double teams, and he can run.

"He comes from a smaller school in Alabama and didn't get heavily recruited until we exposed him as a player and then everyone tried to come in and steal him those last three, four weeks. That was hell on wheels, man, for a few weeks.

"Toughest position to play as a freshman, but stock is up for Steven Clark."

John Raymon stuck to certain drills as he continues to recover from The Dreaded UBI (still unknown). Shafer doesn't seem too worried.

"He'll be back," Shafer said. "It's just a matter of how quickly he heals up, and in the past John has healed really fast, so hopefully those genetics continue to take over."


Parris Bennett came into camp atop the strong side linebacker depth chart and he appears to be holding on to that spot over Jonathan Thomas.

"We’ve got a little bit of a battle going on between those guys," Shafer said. "Parris probably is a little bit ahead of both those guys as we speak today."