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Syracuse Football Practice: John Raymon Limited By Dreaded UBI

Day three of the Syracuse Orange football fall camp is in the books. What did we learn?


Terrel Hunt talked to the media following the game. He kept things short, sweet and positive.


The offensive line continued to work with different snap counts and cadences. It's a Christmas miracle.


The biggest and convening news of the day was that John Raymon was limited in practice by The Dreaded Upper Body Injury (although the D.O. said he seemed to be walking with a limp). Raymon has missed time in each of the last two seasons thanks to injuries. For now, he's day-to-day.

Nate Mink thinks freshman Steven Clark looks physically ready to go. Whether or not he'll hold up when the pads come on and hits start remains to be seen.


Antwan Cordy didn't take part in punt return drills but Brisly Estime, Jordan Fredericks, Ervin Philips and Dontae Strickland did.

Cole Murphy, punter/holder Riley Dixon and long snapper Matt Keller were the first-team field goal unit. Ryan Norton, Zack Mahoney and Keith Mitsuuchi made up the second-team. Sterling Hofrichter, Eric Dungey and Nathan Hines were the third-team.