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Syracuse Football Recruiting: SMU QB Commit David Moore Plans Official Visit With Orange

So this is a bit of a (welcome) surprise.

David's Twitter Feed

The Syracuse Orange were done going after quarterbacks for the 2016 recruiting cycle. Or so you thought...

Late last night, Scout's Mike McAllister shared some interesting news: SMU QB commit David Moore will be taking an official visit to Syracuse. This, just hours after tweeting he received his official offer from the "prestigious" SU. (seriously, let's put all of this year's recruiting targets in the marketing department)

To refresh your memory, SU offered Moore, a 3-star dual-threat from Alpharetta, Ga., as a contingency plan for failing to land Anthony Brown. Shortly after, Brown committed to rival Boston College, and Moore remained (and still remains) committed to SMU. The Orange still wound up with its own three-star QB, Tampa, Fla.'s Rex Culpepper, unfortunately tore his ACL last month. It's a possibility that the injury (despite all indications surgery went well), along with new scholarships freed up by Marquise Blair and Adam Giordano, could've renewed the Syracuse staff's pursuit.

From Moore:

"SMU is my favorite and I’m solid to them. But Syracuse is a great school with a good opportunity and I will most likely officially visit there with my parents."

He's yet to set a date for his visit, but as has been known for awhile, Moore is excited to at least consider playing for his father's alma mater, SU. His father played lacrosse for the Orange, and that legacy plays some importance for the younger Moore.

Should Moore eventually join the 2016 Orange recruiting class, the team would have a pretty crowded quarterback group going into next fall. Along with the Georgia product, Syracuse would also have Eric Dungey (2015), Kenterius Womack (2015), Culpepper (2016), and current experienced options A.J. Long and Austin Wilson on the roster. And that's not even including walk-on Zach Mahoney. That's a quite a depth chart, for sure.

... But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, it's great news to hear that Moore is giving further consideration to SU. Some highlights for you to peruse: