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Marquise Blair's High School Coach Unhappy With NCAA

Marquise Blair's high school coach, Doug Hass, had some choice words for the NCAA after deeming Blair ineligible.

As it was reported yesterday, Marquise Blair has been ruled ineligible by the NCAA and will not be a Syracuse Orange this fall. Following the NCAA's ruling, Blair's high school coach, Doug Haas, was displeased with the length of time it took the NCAA to reach a decision.

"If this is an organization that is supposed to be promoting kids, they sure did a poor job with this one, hanging a kid out to dry on Aug. 6." Haas said.

Essentially, the NCAA ruled five of Blair's 16 required courses unacceptable, being inconsistent in communication all the while.

"There were days when they'd evaluate his credits and he'd have 15 credits. There were days when he'd have nine." Said Haas.

The worst part? The NCAA didn't even reach out to Blair to inform him of his status, they had to find out from Syracuse. Haas said, "Hats off to Syracuse in terms of checking. Had they not checked, we really wouldn't have known."

It's hard to believe the NCAA wouldn't reach out to Blair to inform him of his status. What kind of practice is that? With a tardy response (or complete lack thereof) from the NCAA, this now leaves Blair in a tough spot in looking for junior colleges as most teams have started their preseason camps.

Scott Shafer has said that the coaching staff will continue to recruit Blair. The earliest he could enroll at Syracuse after he graduates junior college is in January 2017.