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Syracuse Football Practice, Day 2 Recap: Speed, Scholarships & Short Newbies

Here's what went down on Day Two of the 2015 Syracuse Fall Camp.

Cuse Football


Scott Shafer made it clear that freshmen are going to get some extended looks during practice.

"I really like the process with the freshmen because we get some 1-on-1 time with them as coaches and we can slow it down a little bit," he said.

"We split fields at times more last year. This year we're a little more condensed. Our mindset now is fewer reps and more coaching, more technique work. Not being in a hurried-up type mindset gives the coaches the opportunity to coach those 5-6 seconds of a play harder. Kids should be able to go harder."

After hearing the news that Marquise Blair would not be eligible to play for the Syracuse Orange this season, Shafer made it clear that SU will not be forgetting about him.

"We're keeping Marquise in our thoughts and prayers as he moves forward to his next stage. We look forward to coming after him hard in the next two years and getting him back here."

QB has actual video of Terrel Hunt using more than one cadence.


Shafer had high praise for speedy Brisly Estime.

"I think the guys like Brisly Estime, his opportunity to run really well both in the 110s and the 40-yard dash gives him that sense of stability in his mind as he enters the season coming off things he doesn't want to think about last year."

Hybrid player Tyrone Perkins will be eased into practice as he recovers from a torn ACL. He's wearing a white jerseythat's usually meant for QBs.

Syracuse introduced a new running back, walk-on Jacob Hill. He's short but he must be out there for a reason.


Congrats to Cam MacPherson and Donnie Foster on their new scholarships.


Shafer likes what he's seeing out of Wayne Morgan in terms of speed.

"Wayne Morgan is another guy, he had a knee that healed up real nice and he ran just as fast as he did prior having that little tweak deal."

Shafer said that Julian Whigham and Cordell Hudson are in the middle of a battle for one of the cornerback spots.


Antwan Cordy, Brisly Estime, Jordan Fredericks, Steve Ishmael, Erv Philips, Dontae Strickland and Rodney Williams all took punt returns but Estime and Ishmael were said to be the ones who looked the most comfortable.

Congrats to kicker Cole Murphy on his new scholarship.