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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Could Orange Add Another Plant H.S. Target in Juwan Burgess?

Suddenly, SU has a bit of a pipeline building down in Tampa.

Juwan's Twitter Feed

Back on Friday, the Syracuse Orange were added to Juwan Burgess's top 10 list. The 4-star wide receiver from 2017 is early in his process, but SU's inclusion given interest from Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, Clemson and more is a welcome surprise for fans. Apparently, it was for Orange coaches too, based on Burgess's conversation with's Stephen Bailey. Said Juwan:

"(Syracuse coaches) said they didn't think they had a chance because all these big schools were looking at me. But I said I'm open to any school that offers me."

Moving past the obvious "why would you admit you didn't think you had a chance?" questions because we're trying to stay positive here, a talent like Burgess is another potentially huge coup for this staff. We are a long way off, but early consideration and attention from the talented wideout (no. 152 in the ESPN 300) could generate even more steam for what has the makings of another great class for 2017. Last week, SU made big impressions on wide receiver Anthony White Jr. and Ethan Wiederkehr as well. The team already has two commitments for that class: Isaiah McDuffie and Daewood Davis.

On the bright side for SU, here's a selling point we can provide that other programs can't:

"Syracuse has better, to me, better opportunities (than some bigger schools). Really my main question if I go to Syracuse or go to visit Syracuse is, 'Will I start? Just going off my film, will I start as a true freshman?' If not, 'What is the team's plan for me?'"


Beyond the obvious benefits he brings on his own, Burgess coming to Syracuse could also help the program continue to build a pipeline with Tampa, Fla.'s Plant High School. Fellow Plant products Scoop Bradshaw and Rex Culpepper are already committed for 2016, and we recently wondered if either of them would be able to flip Bo Peek from Stanford. Burgess and Culpepper started gaining a rapport this offseason in the team's offense before Culepper tore his ACL.

Without a true "feeder" high school right now, SU getting an in with Plant would be enormous, given the caliber of that high school program. We'll see what comes of that relationship over time.

Some tape on Burgess for you to think on: