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Syracuse Football: What Did Day One of Fall Practice Look Like?

Let's see how things looked as Syracuse got their 2015 season underway.

Cuse Football

The 2015 season is officially underway now that fall camp has begun. With media day and shoe-burnings behind us, the Syracuse Orange hit the field for the first time on Sunday. What did it look like? Well, the Syracuse Football Twitterfeed was here to help.

Things began with the annual tradition of shrinking everyone down to Ant-Man size and having them leap over giant footballs. Or is it just me that sees that?

There's also a bunch of photos on SU Athletics including a few shots of Riley Dixon because they know what the people want to see. Our Heisman Trophy candidate in action...

Looks like #CuseCamp15 is the official hashtag of SU's 2015 Fall Camp so keep an eye on that for updates.