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Anonymous ACC Coaches Praise Syracuse's Defense, Not Much Else

Find out what other ACC coaches think about SU when no one knows it's them.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon Sports spoke to a bunch of anonymous ACC Football coaches last week to find out what they thought about their conference foes.

When it came to the Syracuse Orange, it seems as though anonymous ACC coaches mostly have high praise for the Orange defense.

"They play a lot of zone and blitz a lot but whatever the book says, they’ll do the opposite. If it says you’re supposed to sit back and play coverage, they’re coming. As a play-caller, you’re trying to get in a rhythm and build one thing into the next, but they’re coming from everywhere."

However, they're also keenly aware of how bad our offense was last season, not just in terms of playmakers but the plays we were trying to run.

"Watching them on film, it seemed like they were trying to do way too much to compensate for the fact that they didn’t have enough playmakers. The probably outsmarted themselves a little bit."

So...I'm gonna guess that wasn't George McDonald saying that.

The big question a lot of Orange fan have is who will be the big playmaker on offense? Terrel Hunt? Brisly Estime? Devante McFarlane? Anonymous coaches are wondering the same thing.

"What’s their bread and butter? If they can figure that out they may have a chance because their defense will keep them in some games but they’re probably not going to beat you throwing the ball."

Check out all of the quotes here and try to figure out which quotes about other teams came from an SU coach. I'm gonna go with this one about Wake Forest:

"Their skill against ours, I’d take ours and I’m not sure we’re that good. I think they recruited pretty well last year and a lot of those guys are probably going to play."