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Syracuse Football: Adam Giordano on Scholarship, Still Room for Marquise Blair

Even with Adam Giordano on scholarship there will still be a place for Marquise Blair on the roster.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

On Monday it was announced that LB Adam Giordano would not be a walk-on for the Syracuse Orange football team this season, which made people speculate whether or not there would be room for Marquise Blair on the roster. According to NCAA rules, a team cannot take on more than 25 new players in an academic year. Giordano, a high school lacrosse star turned football player, would mark the 26th player taken in the new academic year.

With Syracuse already being over the 25 player limit, this would seemingly not leave any room for Syracuse's best-rated signee, Marquise Blair. Blair is currently awaiting academic approval by the NCAA.

What Syracuse will do, Mike McAllister reports, is not put Blair on scholarship until school starts this fall. McAllister sheds light on Giordano and Blair situation:

"How does that work since Giordano is a class of 2015 prospect? Syracuse did nothing to trigger recruitment and the scholarship will not be granted until school starts. Therefore, he does not count against the NCAA's limit of 25 players per class. Giordano did not take an official visit, did not host Syracuse for an in-home and no letter of intent was signed. Because of these factors, including when he is put on scholarship, it is deemed that Syracuse did not trigger recruitment of Giordano, per sources with knowledge of the situation."

So rest easy, Blair will still be able to wear orange this fall.