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Josh Pace Named Pepperdine Women's Assistant Coach, Won't Compete in TBT

Pace was set to play in this summer's TBT (The Basketball Tournament) but won't be able to participate due to his new coaching position.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Former Syracuse Orange basketball player, Josh Pace, has been hired as an assistant head coach for the women's team at Pepperdine University. With Pace being hired at Pepperdine, this means that he will be unable to participate in The Basketball Tournament.

"He's not going to be able to play unfortunately." Said Kevin Belbey. "He really wanted to. The reality of college basketball is that the summer can be one of the busiest times. He's got to get started right away with his new job."

Pace was a key player on Syracuse's 2003 National Championship team and worked his way toward being a fan favorite.

Boehiem's Army will be unable to replace Pace on the team as the final rosters can't be altered after July 1, according to TBT rules. The good news for Boeheim's Army is that they added Demetris Nichols and Lawrence Moten to the roster prior to the effective date of July 1. The team will play its first game next weekend on July 18.

Luckily for Pace, he can still wear orange on the west coast and not be criticized as Pepperdine's colors are orange and blue.

Maybe JP can coach the girls in Southern California how to perfect the floater.