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Should Donovan McNabb's Second DUI Force Him to "Disappear" as an SU Trustee for Awhile?

The latest Donovan McNabb incident might (or at least, should be) the last straw...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

As you, Orange-loving Syracuse fan, know by now: former SU star Donovan McNabb was arrested for DUI, which Deadspin reported on Tuesday morning. The arrest followed a traffic incident on the evening of June 28, though there is no indication of a BAC test being administered. Since it was his second DUI arrest (his first was in 2014, mind you), he will face a minimum of 90 days in prison and a three-year suspension of his license.

That's not okay. Not for anyone, of course. But especially not for a member of the board of trustees for Syracuse University -- whose public standing and image we, as part of the greater SU community to varying degrees, have a stake in. Driving under the influence is a serious offense and no laughing matter. Doing so once is reckless. Doing so twice (especially within a two-year stretch) is downright careless. So why, despite McNabb being a "life trustee" of the Board without voting power, are we okay with him maintaining any association with the University's highest decision-making role?

I mean, read this (via):

"There was a story that was released, and I want everybody to be cognizant of it, because I am very aware of it, handling the matter at this particular point. But at this point, I have no further information, and as we continue on with the situation, then we’ll let it handle as it will handle itself."



Now I'm not sure of the precise language around McNabb's role with the Board. Or what sort of legal ground Syracuse has to end his involvement as a Trustee. But regardless, I think we've reached the moment where it's time for the university to nudge its legendary quarterback out of the picture a bit. Not in terms of his number, which hangs in the Carrier Dome rafters. And not in terms of his presence on campus as he pleases. Hell, this guy is still employed at SU somehow, despite his own misgivings. But if we're moving forward as a school and as a community past an era of PR gaffes and questionable conduct... doesn't it make sense to have Donovan avoid publicly commenting on or representing University matters for awhile?

Think about it. As a Board member (regardless of voting responsibilities), he represents Syracuse University as a learning institution. One that teaches right from wrong, and how to make smart decisions. Everyone's allowed to make mistakes, Donovan included. But sometimes you have to pay the price for them. He will when it comes to jail time and a license suspension, plus the embarrassment of the resulting coverage. He may even see further discipline from his current employer, Fox Sports. Why should Syracuse -- which has already been through a lot of issues in the last year and change -- need to get dragged through them with him?


As Sean aptly put back in May, "I love Donovan McNabb, but he's wrong..." The QB and Orange alum was wrong about the number 44 then, and when it comes to this second DUI, he's wrong again. That doesn't mean he's dead to us as Syracuse fans. Far from it. It just means he should probably be quiet about SU for the time being, and give up that position he inhabits with the University (even if that ends up being a temporary move).

Want to be a role model and an ambassador to Syracuse students, staff and alumni? Show them that mistakes have consequences, but you can also show character by taking ownership of those mistakes.

I'd love for Donovan to take this call upon himself. But if not, Syracuse may have to make the tough choice of forcing him to. Here's hoping someone makes the decision we know needs to occur.