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If You Could Change One Play in Syracuse Football History, What Would It Be?

We've all got that one game we think would change the direction of Syracuse football forever, but let's dig deeper: What's one play in the history of SU you'd want the Orange to have a do over on? The TNIAAM crew discusses.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

What if you got to take back one play in Syracuse Orange Football history?

Not something the Orange let happen, but something dumb the team did or a play that came up juuuuuuut a bit short. The TNIAAM crew had a few suggestions.

Kevin Wall: I'm taking the Gedney catch against Miami back in 1992. If he is somehow able to make it into the end zone, Syracuse only needs to kick the XP to beat the #1 ranked Hurricanes. I know that SU beat a #1 Nebraska, but we're talking about the U here.

John Cassillo: Not the MOST important play in the history of the program, but very well could've altered our current reality a TON. With about 7:30 left to go and the Orange losing 23-7 to Rutgers back in 2012, the team ended up turning the ball over on downs at SUNJ's three-yard line. If Alec Lemon had caught Ryan Nassib's pass on fourth down, they would've narrowed the gap to eight much earlier and then likely forced OT with the second TD they'd scored later. With that moment, SU probably gets the win in the extra frame, getting them to 8-4 on the regular season, and 6-1 in the Big East... good for an outright conference title and what ended up being Louisville's Sugar Bowl bid. With a BCS Bowl under their belts, Orange recruiting spikes with or without Marrone the next season and we're talking "yet another" nine-win season in 2015.

Jim Simmons: SU vs Tennessee, 1998 Just watch the video at 9:20

Brian Tahmosh: 4th quarter, 10:13 to play, Syracuse facing 3rd and 5 from the Louisville 17. Sept 22, 2007. Andrew Robinson throws a slant to Mike Williams for a 17-yard touchdown, to put SU up 38-21. Louisville mounts a ferocious comeback thanks to good ole fashioned Syracuse ineptitude under Greg Robinson - 2 Andrew Robinson fumbles deep in Louisville's territory with the game in hand - but falls just short, 38-35. If Robinson's pass instead falls harmlessly to the ground, Pat Shadle comes out for a field goal instead, and SU only goes up 34-21. The ineptitude and fumbles cost the Orange the game as Louisville comes back to win 35-34 in dramatic fashion. Syracuse loses the next week at Miami Ohio and drops to 0-5. The ensuing beatdowns from West Virginia and Rutgers drops the Orange to an all-time worst (right?) 0-7 start and Greg Robinson is fired sometime in the school's second 1-win campaign (with both of those single wins coming against the hapless Buffalo Bulls). Coaches that were available for hire following the 2007 season included: Art Briles, David Cutcliffe, Kevin Sumlin, Bo Pelini, Jerry Kill.

What do you think Orange Nation? What single play would you want Syracuse Football to get a do-over?