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Get To Know Your Orange Man: No. 58 LB Hernz Laguerre

Good luck finding a better name on the roster than Hernz Laguerre.

Name: Hernz Laguerre

Position: Linebacker

Year: Senior

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 220

Hometown: Spring Valley, N.Y.

High School: Spring Valley

2014 Stats: Hernz did not accrue any stats last season.

2015 Projections: Likely the same, though a recent change might give him inroads. He's listed on the post-spring depth chart as No. 3 at the MLB spot behind Zaire Franklin and Colton Moksal, but Moskal is transferring. Laguerre will get competition from the rest of the LB corps as well as the incoming freshman, but he's one guy closer in a system all about Next Man Up.

How'd He Get Here: Laguerre didn't play football until his senior year of high school, he told The NewsHouse. Everyone had told him he was too small so he played basketball and ran cross country, instead.  He bulked up to 225 pounds as a senior and played defensive end.  As a freshman at Syracuse, he made the team as a walk-on.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Nada.

Money Quote:

"Football’s a war. You have a goal in mind — you train, you study your position, and do anything that is just to get to your goal," Laguerre said "In poetry, I’m going to war too. I’m going to war against negativity, for people who have made mistakes and feel there is no remorse."

Links of Wonder: If you're going to read one Hernz Laguerre piece, you're going to read The NewsHouse feature on the combination of his two loves: football and poetry slams.

Twitterfeed: You can find him at HernzJr.

Tweets of Wonder:

What Does Shafer Think of Him: A hard-nosed excerpt from a team bonding exercise at Fort Drum.

"At breakfast, Charley Loeb and I took the most opposite guys on the team and made them sit across from each other. I made Ivan Foy sit with Austin Wilson, a freshman quarterback, and Charley had them stand up and tell the team what they learned about each other. We finished up with Hernz Laguerre, who I don't know very well. My wife told me Hernz is an exceptional poet. I had him stand up and speak a poem and it ended with an eruption by his teammates and all of a sudden we know who Hernz is."

Interesting Nugget of Interest: In addition to being a poet, Laguerre is the only football player majoring in broadcast and digital journalism.

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: